API Blueprint – Mock Server

Mock Servers from API Specifications

Last week I mentioned an API specification called API Blueprint. Turns out not only does this allow us to document our API, but also use it.

That’s right, create a functioning mock server from that same API Blueprint used to document your API. I did mention this a bit in my previous post but I thought I’d put together a quick example.

Install Drakov

sudo npm install -g drakov

I just grabbed the Polls API example from the blueprint examples.

I renamed the file to have a .apib extension. Run drakov like the following:

drakov -f PollsAPI.apib

Now you can access a mock server to test your front end code with! See the picture below for example.


Drakov Tips

If you’re running the mock server on a different host and from a browser, be sure to enable  OPTIONS. To do this use the –autoOptions argument. This is because when the browser is accessing another host it will send a pre-flight OPTIONS request to see if the intended request is allowed. This bit me when creating my first NodeJS Express applications, I will always remember, vividly.

Use Notepad++ to find and replace tabs in your API Blueprint. Drakov can’t parse blueprints with tabs 🙁 .


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