This is not the first blog I've created and likely won't be the last. Previous blogs were an attempt to draw in users with useful content. There was some minor "success" in doing so, but I would start to struggle finding content I wanted to write about. This led to me losing interest and eventually abandoning it.

The content for this blog will be from my daily experiences. This way I'll continue to come up with content easily and be able to look back and improve.

I used to keep notes on my phone of recipes and other important info until one day it died. The screen on my Asus Zenfone 4 Max turned on, continued to brighten, then stopped turning on altogether. Just like that all the recipes and notes I had accumulated in the few years I had the phone were gone.

So now all these notes will be content for my blog. Smoking recipes where I tweak the amount of fuel, time, and/or marinade. Small tutorials on programming where it was difficult to find a solution. DIY experiences because I'm cheap and would rather do things myself to save money when possible.

So if you've found this blog by chance or know me IRL, feel free to leave some comments. I love constructive criticism!