I’m Taking an Online Course – Intro to ReactJS

I was browsing some of my favorite info hot spots when I came across a list of resources. They were free learning resources containing mainly books and online courses.

This sparked a memory of me taking some courses at Udacity. I had first come across it a few years back and took the Intro to Computer Science course. This course was (is?) built around using Python to create a web crawler.

Man reading a book beside a laptop

Free Learning for All

I thought the Udacity course was very well done. Especially being a free online course. Assignments were marked automatically. YouTube videos were interactive and allowed you to answer multiple choice questions.

It was a great experience.

I’m always looking for new resources to learn from. Every day I venture to PacktPub’s free learning page to see what free book I can get my hands on.

I’ll be honest, the majority of them will go unopened. But whenever I come across a topic I’d like to dig into I’ve got a heap of books that may help.

Some more great resources are Hacker Bookshelf and Leanpub.

Leanpub is a hidden gem I had come across nearly a year ago. Not everything is free. But I have read some good free content from this site.

If I ever create a book, I’ll likely use this platform to publish it.

Back to the Online Course

Trailed off a little there, but hopefully some of those links will be useful to someone.

So I decided to try out an online course on ReactJS.

Why ReactJS?

Well, I do have experience in ReactJS, but I want more. It seems whenever I read tutorials, books, watch conferences, etc. I learn something new about ReactJS.

There’s just so much to learn in React. And not every resource will cover things necessary for a production ready application.

The course is created by Microsoft but hosted on edX. I’m not paying for the certificate because I don’t feel I have the need for it. But I will audit the course and let others know how it was.

So, my journey through Introduction to ReactJS starts now.

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